“Excellent Events exists to build community. To ignite hope. To entertain through inspiration. To have fun.

A group of individuals formed together in 2017 with the idea that this community needs to unite. To break down barriers and celebrate diversity. With this in mind, an event was created, partnering with local schools and churches, and the response was overwhelming. Immediately after the first event, we went to work, determining what the next steps are, and how we build on this unexpected foundation.

The first Shine Event will take place in September of 2017, where 10,000 people or more are expected to come together, from different churches, different communities, different walks of life, to hear a message of hope. This message will be brought by none other than famed collegiate and professional quarterback, sports announcer and Major League Baseball player Tim Tebow.

This will be the second event managed and manifested by Excellent Events, the first under that name, and we are excited to see where this takes us. We believe our community is ready, but not prepared for what is about to happen. We want to challenge the concept that “church” is the only place that people can receive hope and encounter Christ.

True ministry happens outside the four walls of the traditional church. It’s messy, it’s hard, but according to Jesus, it’s worth it. Our goal is to take Him at His word and reach this community, bring them together, and spread the gospel through creating…excellent events.”